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Custom Airbrush Tanning

Customized, organic airbrush tanning adjusted for your skin tone and preference!

Before & After Care


If you do not prepare according to these instructions, we can not promise the very best results.  Do your part and follow these instructions! 

  • If you’re being airbrushed for an event and you need a manicure/pedicure, have it done BEFORE your airbrush session.

  • Please shower, shave (24 hours prior if possible) and exfoliate (no oil based scrubs). Make sure your soap/shaving cream/razor strip/hair conditioner does not leave a film. (product #1 & #2)

  • DO NOT USE DOVE SOAP before or after airbrushing. Do not wear lotions, oils, creams, deodorant, or perfume the day of your spray.

  • Apply our refining prep gel before your tan for overall evenness and a longer lasting tan. (product #3)

  • Most women prefer to be airbrushed naked or topless and with a thong on, or a bandeau style bathing suit/bra. (Realize that wherever you have clothing, you will have tan lines). It is totally up to you! Men must wear shorts or boxers.

  • Wear sweats or yoga type pants and a t-shirt to go home in. The solution can come off on the clothing before your first shower, so we do not recommend wearing anything special.


  • Depending on which solution you choose, leave it on for the recommended time.  Do not get wet.  If you must wash your hands, place a wipe or washcloth between your palms only.

  • You will notice the tan developing and getting darker, perhaps too dark and it may look off-color!  Please do not panic…this is simply the development of the tan under the cosmetic bronzer sprayed on you. The cosmetic color rinses away when you shower, leaving you with the desired natural bronze.

  • Cool, quick showers are best, patting the skin gently to cleanse (product #1).

  • For the RAPID TAN, do not use soap or lotion during or after your first shower. Simply rinse the bronzer off so that the tan continues to develop after the shower. Be sure to pat the skin enough that the cosmetic bronzer comes off completely under the running water for your first shower. 

  • The less you shave or scrub, the longer your tan will last. Moisturizing after showers is a MUST.  This will prolong your tan and it will wear off more evenly. (product #4)  Typically, the tan lasts 7-9 days. Product #5 is excellent as a touch up spray and very easy to use!

  • DO NOT USE OIL or moisturizers with the following: Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxyl, Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

  • You can be airbrushed weekly to maintain your color, if you choose.

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