Fitness Atlantic 2020

NOTICE: The show has been moved to May 23, 2020.  ALL of your appointments will remain the same and we will now tan all of you on May 22! I have moved each appointment to the correct date, and you may or may not receive an email stating that your original appointment was moved.



Welcome Competitors! Fitness Atlantic 2020 will be held at Mohegan Sun on May 23rd this year, with

RED CARPET EVENTS & TANNING on Friday April 17th!  We are the OFFICIAL WBFF SPRAY TAN COMPANY for this event for the 5th year in a row! You are required to use our services for the perfect stage tan! Our tan is consistent with the requirements of WBFF officials and judges. They are very particular as to how they want the contestants to look on stage.  You are all an inspiration to me

and I can’t wait to see all of you WINNERS!

xo Kathleen and my wonderful, friendly staff

(Book the appointment that says FITNESS ATLANTIC DEPOSIT 2020... NOT SALON COMPETITION TAN!!)

  • Spray tanning will be done the day before the competition at MOHEGAN SUN. You may get a confirmation email or reminder email with the address of the salon on it, however, I WILL BE AT THE VENUE FOR YOUR SERVICE!

  • The price is $140 plus tax. In order to secure an appointment time, a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $48.89 is required.  The remaining balance of $100.00 is payable in CASH ONLY at the time of your appointment. Your session includes full body and face coverage the day before event and minor touch ups the day of competition, if needed. 

  • If, during your initial spray appointment, it has been determined that you have deviated from the instructions provided in prepping your skin, and you need to re-shower, you will be required to pay an additional $100.00 to be booked for a re-spray. We can tell if you have not prepped properly, as the solution may “bead” due to oils or inappropriate products having been used. We cannot guarantee even results on peeling, sunburnt skin.

  • It is highly recommended that you purchase the following products, which will be available at workshops and online . These Australian products are made with ingredients specifically blended for perfect spray tanning results. This leaves out the “guesswork” as to which products work the very best.  Click Shopping Online button to order by April 5 2020!!

    1. Kahuna Bay Polish $16.95

    2. Tan Extender Moisturizer $34.95

    3. Refining Prep Gel $16.95

    4. SunFX Summer Secret Airbrush Touch-up Spray $34.95

    5. Norvell Body Wash $16.95

In order to ensure you receive a flawless tan and a stress free experience, we require you to follow these SIMPLE  instructions:

  • During the week prior to your show, stop using all Dove soap products and/or scrubs with oil bases. Exfoliate with nylon gloves or loofah mitts. (product #1 and #5) Moisturize and hydrate your skin after each shower. (product #2) This product does provide some color too!

  • If you choose to not purchase the products I offer, DO NOT use products for washing, exfoliating or moisturizing with the following ingredients: Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxyl, Sodium Laureth Sulphate

  • Have your manicure and pedicure before your spray tan!

  • ON the DAY OF your spray tan, shower and exfoliate with the appropriate product (#1 and #5) but DO NOT moisturize afterwards. DO NOT apply deodorant. Be sure that shampoo, conditioner and shaving products are scrubbed off the skin. It is suggested that you shave at least 8 hours before your spray tan, and have all waxing completed 3-4 days prior to event. Apply the prep gel after your shower the day of your spray tan. (product #3)

  • Men and women will be sprayed separately. Men MUST wear a sock and women are advised to be sprayed naked. Something will be provided by Get Glowing so that the bottoms of your feet do not get stained.

    •  Otherwise, wear loose fitting pants, button up or loose fitting pullover top, and loose fitting flip flops. Clothing with tight straps, waistbands, and/or zippers may cause marks. Stay dry (no sweating, posing, showering, washing hands, changing clothing etc), and sleep in the same clothing to avoid hand marks on the body after your session. Do not wear makeup to your appointment. (There is a group meeting Friday evening. YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED, however, the director expects you to look neat and dressed nicely. Nothing dressy is necessary and please keep in mind that the tan can rub off on light colored clothing, so plan accordingly.) 

    • MOST IMPORTANTLY…Do NOT shower the next morning (the day of the event). Gently blot bronzer off face with a slightly damp cloth before makeup application, if you feel your face is too dark. Use bronzing spray for your own easy to apply touch-ups or to deepen the tan, if you feel it necessary.  (product #4)

    • Touch-ups (MINOR) will be available in the morning before the event 7-8;45 am, if needed. We start breaking down after 9 am in accordance with the wishes of Mohegan Sun, so please be timely. Please be dressed in your posing suit or first stage attire. (The WBFF organization expects you to be covered up in an appropriate manner when walking through the venue at all times.)

    • Client assumes all risk if they fail to comply with the above instructions. Make it a wonderful, stress free event for yourself and FOLLOW these simple instructions. You will LOVE your tan!

    • Please contact me if you have any questions!

    • Kathleen xoxo

409 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877

 Private Parking in Back of Building 

203-431-GLOW or Cell 203-512-5053

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