Dorina Leslie,
Licensed Massage Therapist

An alternative and holistic approach to healing and improving your health and wellness

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Therapeutic Massage

A delightful combination of medium to deep Swedish massage, Reiki energy healing, Thai yoga stretching for the neck, arms and shoulders, as well as focus on the hands and feet. An all-over feel-good massage which will leave you feeling refreshed and restored. Hot towels and BEMER therapy included in each session. Aromatherapy can be added, if desired. 

  • 30 Minute Quick Tune-Up $65 

  • 60 Minutes: $125 or 3 for $350

  • 90 Minutes: $150 or 3 for $425

The Alexandar Method of Vibrational Sound Therapy

The Alexander Method of Sound and Vibrational Energy Therapy is based on Quantum Physics and other scientific, as well as ancient, doctrines that prove that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. The Alexander Method addresses every area of body, mind, spirit, and soul.  By using the correct sound and vibrational attunement, you can experience deep levels of healing at the cellular level. This profound experience brings your body, mind and spirit back in to alignment.

  • $125 allow 75-90 minutes

Prenatal Mother Massage

A delicious massage with light to medium pressure for the Mom-To-Be or new momma. A comfortable prop system supports the mom-to-be, allowing her to lay both supine and side lying. Mother Massage can help to address the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy, leading to a better night’s sleep. Mother Massage can help reduce anxiety and calm the nervous system for both mother and child.

  • 60 Minutes: $100 or 3 for $275

  • 90 Mniutes: $125 or 3 for $350


A delicious massage for the feet, hands, and scalp, individually or for all three areas,  that restores the natural balance to the body. Perfect for people who have a short amount of time to pamper themselves. Hot towels and Bemer therapy incorporated into each session. Aromatherapy can be added, if desired. 

  • Feet only: 30 minutes $65

  • Hands and Feet: 45 minutes $75

  • Hands, Feet, and Scalp: 60 minutes $85

BEMER Therapy

Experience the healing power of BEMER. BEMER stands for Bioenergy ElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation. BEMER is most effective when integrated into your life on a daily basis. A typical session will last about 30 minutes. Commit to twice weekly sessions and track your progress for five weeks. If you absolutely love BEMER and want to have one at home for everyday use, try before you buy with a monthly rental, which includes plenty of assistance.  

  • Single BEMER Session: $35

  • 10 Sessions/$300

  • BEMER Pro Set Rentals: $600/month

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